How to implant the ICL

ICL implant procedure takes only 20 minutes per side. It can be done by instilling an anesthetic eye drop to make you feel painless. During the procedure, you can communicate with your doctor at any time, just don’t move your head during the surgery.Before surgery, dilation antibiotics and anesthetics eye drops will be instilled. At […]

Who is a good candidate for ICL implant

Who is a good candidate for ICL implant: 1. Age: from 18 to 45 years2. Shortsightedness from -0.5 to –193. Astigmatism from 0 to -64. Congenital hyperopia ranging from +0.5 to +105. Anterior chamber of the eye is wide enough which the doctor will use special tools to measure and consider the size of the […]

Why ICL?

ICL does not cause dry eyes. ICL implantable lenses are suitable for those who do not want to have dry eyes after vision treatment. Due to the surgery which just put the lens into the eyeball there is no damage to the corneal surface, which contains the nerve responsible for tearing. Therefore, it is suitable […]

Preoperative eye examination for ICL

The method of examination is the same as the eye examination before LASIK, but requires additional measurement of the anterior chamber depth of the eye with special instruments. Before the examination, you should prepare as follows:1.Patients must remove contact lenses before coming to check as follows: Soft contact lenses, remove 5-7 days before Hard lenses […]