How to implant the ICL

ICL implant procedure takes only 20 minutes per side. It can be done by instilling an anesthetic eye drop to make you feel painless. During the procedure, you can communicate with your doctor at any time, just don’t move your head during the surgery.
Before surgery, dilation antibiotics and anesthetics eye drops will be instilled.

At the beginningof the surgery, a clean light cloth will cover over your face. You can breathe normally. If you feel uncomfortable you can tell the doctor

After that you will feel your eyelids being pulled open with the eyelid speculum. As your eye has been anesthetic, you won’t feel any pain, just the light pressure in the eyelids at first. This tool will help you to open your eyes automatically without having to do it by yourself.
The doctor will open a small incision of about 3 millimeters at the junction between the sclera and the cornea. The ICL intraocular lens which is rolled into a small 3 mm tube is inserted through that small incision. The ICL intraocular lens is then gently pushed in and slowly unfolded into the patient’s intraocular cavity.
Next, the doctor will use a small tool to move the lens to where it should be.

The eyes are then washed with a clean liquid solution, and the 3 mm wound will close naturally without stitches.

After finished, your eyes will be covered with cloth and eye shield covers.
2 hours after surgery, intraocular pressure will be measured.
Then you can rest at your leisure. And prepare for the second eye surgery the next day.

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