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About ICL

About ICL

The ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a thin, flat removable lens that is inserted into the space of the eye to correct nearsightedness hyperopia and astigmatism without causing any loss of corneal tissue.

 ICL can be done in a wide range of refractive error, from low to high prescription. It is suitable for those who want to keep their eyes in the same shape, no tissue removal. The cornea is not getting thinner and ICL does not cause dry eyes.

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Why Us?

Why ICL Center Vibhavadi

The First

We are the first ICL center in Thailand.

The Experience

More than 15 years of experience. We have performed ICL implant for the first time since 2006. More than 1,000 ICL lenses implant were done.

Hospital standards

ICL implant will be performed in the operating room in a hospital with JCI HA and ISO 9001 standards of Vibhavadi Hospital.

Free hospital room

ICL center Vibhavadi is the only center offer free admission after the operation for your safety and convenience.



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The twins

They both had ICL done. ^^ They can see clearly after the operations. Before the procedure, they had problems with wearing glasses and contact lenses. After having ICL, it’s very worthwhile, they said. We have never seen clearly like this before. It is a very good feeling. Very happy, like a new world .

Ass. Professor Yuthaphong

After doing it, I can see both far and near. I had trouble with wearing glasses and contact lenses before with dry and irritated eyes. I do love exercises, bicycling and swimming can get much easier. After ICL implant, my life has changed a lot. I can see things clearly. I don’t have to rely on glasses and contact lenses anymore.


Frequently Asked Questions

Both lasers and ICL have the same goal: to enable you to see without having to rely on glasses or contact lenses. But both are different

You will have to make a choice. Of course, LASIK wins in terms of price because ICL is more expensive.
ICL wins in terms of no effects on the corneal thickness and dry eyes including the quality of night vision. And in the future, advanced technologies such as AR / VR / Google glasses that are coming can be used like with normal eyes. Moreover ICL wins in terms of being able to removed and return the eyes back to normal.
These are up to you to decide.

No, because the ICL is not like a contact lens that is worn outside the eye. Tthe ICL is inserted inside the eye and nothing else needs to be done afterwards. The ICL will eventually act as part of the eyeball. So we don’t feel anything in our eyes like contact lenses.
You can do activities, swimming, diving and playing sports normally. However, it is not recommended to play extreme sports that require intense impact, such as boxing and taekwondo.

ICL cannot be seen by the other people because the ICL is very flat and thin and is hidden behind the iris. Even an ophthalmologist uses a high-powered magnifying slit lamp to look at it, ICL is still hard to be detected.

The answer is….as long as you want. ICL is made of the inert material that does not interact with the intraocular tissue. Therefore the ICL can stay within the eyes for a lifetime.
But in fact as people get older, the natural lens of the eye deteriorates. When the time is right, we need to have cataract removal surgery with artificial intraocular lens implant like a natural old person. At that time, the ICL is easily removed and the cataract lens will be replaced with the intraocular lens implant with calculated power to correct your eyesight as well.

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ICL Knowledges

How to implant the ICL

ICL implant procedure takes only 20 minutes per side. It can be done by instilling an anesthetic eye drop to make you feel painless. During

Why ICL?

ICL does not cause dry eyes. ICL implantable lenses are suitable for those who do not want to have dry eyes after vision treatment. Due

I like it very much. After waking up I don't have to search for glasses. You can play any sports you want, go to the amusement park and play with any toys without fear of falling off your glasses. I am very happy

Ms Jeerapat Ariyaburut : Jeban, The Famous Beauty Blocker.