Life After ICL


The twins

They both had ICL done. ^^ They can see clearly after the operations. Before the procedure, they had problems with wearing glasses and contact lenses. After having ICL, it's very worthwhile, they said. We have never seen clearly like this before. It is a very good feeling. Very happy, like a new world .

Ms Monyawan

Vision is so clear, no blur, no double image and no more lens edge visible. My life is much more convenient. No need to be careful when removing or putting on contact lenses.

I like it very much. After waking up I don't have to search for glasses. You can play any sports you want, go to the amusement park and play with any toys without fear of falling off your glasses. I am very happy.

Ms Jeerapat Ariyaburut : Jeban, the famous beauty blocker

Ms Kesinee

Feels like a new life. More comfortable and more convenient. No worries about the eyes anymore.

The doctor is so good. She gave me great advice so I was not worried too much during the surgery. The surgery actually went well. The officers are constantly checking the symptoms...

Ms Mod Mod

Ass. Professor Yuthaphong (Mae Fah Luang University) - ICL implant with Dr. Thidanan

After doing it, I can see both far and near. I had trouble with wearing glasses and contact lenses before with dry and irritated eyes. I do love exercises, bicycling and swimming can get much easier. After ICL implant, my life has changed a lot. I can see things clearly. I don’t have to rely on glasses and contact lenses anymore.