Why ICL?

ICL does not cause dry eyes.

ICL implantable lenses are suitable for those who do not want to have dry eyes after vision treatment. Due to the surgery which just put the lens into the eyeball there is no damage to the corneal surface, which contains the nerve responsible for tearing. Therefore, it is suitable for people who already have dry eyes or who do not want to have dry eyes after vision correction.

ICL does not cause any tissue damage in the eye.

การใส่เลนส์เสริมเข้าไปในดวงตาเป็นการเสริม ไม่มีส่วนใดของลูกตาถูกเอาออกไป เพราะฉะนั้นกระจกตาจะไม่บางลง ความแข็งแรงของกระจกตายังคงมีอยู่เท่าเดิม

UV light protection

ICL contains substances that can block harmful blue light to the eyeball. It is one of the special properties of Collamer material used in ICL.

Superb quality of vision

Visual result: 99% satisfaction. ICL provides clear excellent night vision. Recover to be able to see clearly the next day.


This is one of the advantages of ICL implant lenses that many people are satisfied with.
ICL can be easily removed by an ophthalmologist. For any reason, such as a dramatic change in vision, or in the future there may be new technologies to correct other vision problems. Once the ICL lens is removed from your eye, your eye will be the same eye with no missing parts. You can decide to have the treatment by other methods in the future like a normal eye that has never undergone surgery before, such as cataract removal surgery when you are older.

The surgery takes a short time and vision returned so quickly

Those who want have the ICL don’t have to cooperate that much, just look straight and lie still for 20 minutes only.
Before the operation the doctor will use anesthetic eye drops so you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. You can communicate with the doctor during the procedure. You just have to lie still and do not move around much. The incision on the edge of the cornea is only 3 mm wide, so stitches are not required. Because this small wound can heal itself so after the operation you will be able to see clearly in 1-2 days.

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