Who is a good candidate for ICL implant

Who is a good candidate for ICL implant:

1. Age: from 18 to 45 years
2. Shortsightedness from -0.5 to –19
3. Astigmatism from 0 to -6
4. Congenital hyperopia ranging from +0.5 to +10
5. Anterior chamber of the eye is wide enough which the doctor will use special tools to measure and consider the size of the opening in front of your eyeball
6. Have a fixed sight within a year
7. Not in pregnancy
8. Those who do not want the cornea to become thinner or dry eyes after the procedure.
Note: Those who cannot have LASIK done because the cornea is too thin or the eyes are too dry, these are not a contraindications for ICL.

Who are not suitable for ICL implant
1 .High intraocular pressure
2. Cataracts
3. Glaucoma
4. The anterior chamber is too small.
5. History of iritis or autoimmune disease or any types of autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the eyeball.

Interesting topics

Why ICL?

ICL does not cause dry eyes. ICL implantable lenses are suitable for those who do not want to have dry eyes after vision treatment. Due

How to implant the ICL

ICL implant procedure takes only 20 minutes per side. It can be done by instilling an anesthetic eye drop to make you feel painless. During